Obstacles To Achieving Your Success

We know that property is the foundation for creating real wealth, but let’s look at a couple of obstacles you might face in actually being able to build a real estate portfolio that’s capable of providing you with real personal and financial freedom.

By being aware and understanding some of these obstacles we can actually become better investors and move forwards much quicker.

Not unlike a medical diagnosis where the symptoms and causes are identified prior to a solution being offered.

One the most common symptoms is: Buying property that looks good and is a “good investment”.

Cause of this is “opportunistic thinking”

What’s wrong with that?    Lack of strategy.

There are two types of investors and both have differing views and thinking

1. Opportunistic – An opportunity arises and you grab it. Most people who struggle, are busy with the day to day of their lives and work and usually act on what’s “appealing or looks good”

2. Strategic – You have an end in mind, a vision, successful investors know their end goal and choose the right approach that fits their end goal. They always have strategies in place, and constantly stick to the path the leads to their vision.

Opportunity seekers are always looking for that next “big thing “ that will make them a lot of money , the hottest suburbs, the biggest rises in value, the highest yields and anything that’s ” hot ”
So they will go from on property to another, buying and selling hoping to trip over the next big deal.
A strategic investor, on the other hand, has a clear vision, and sticks to their strategy.

Which type are you?

Do you know what separates successful people from unsuccessful people? It’s not intelligence, or good looks, or rich parents. No… it’s being able to recognize an opportunity and ACT on it.

Often potential investors want to buy property, but they are afraid. You can just feel the inner conflict going on inside them.

They may be stuck in the same place with the same problem for years. They may not have any hope or belief that things can change.

Their situation may seem overwhelmingly difficult to change. It’s not easy to say yes to get help from that place.

This is the opportunity to help our potential clients break out of a stuck or fearful place, and say yes to a new possibility and to a better future.

They want the benefits real estate can offer, but fear, self-doubt, or something else is holding them back.

Many people actually want help with their resistance!

Of course, very few people would realise this is going on inside their heads, so they just put off investing for another year.

And the cycle just continues.

In our FREE Consultations we share with you what you can do specifically in these situations so that you can move forwards and build your personal financial future.

Working one on one with our strategists, we can identify, provide clarity and certainty in how to best achieve your goals.

Liberty Strategies will design and implement a wealth creation strategy that will put you on the path to personal and financial freedom quicker.

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